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WC Cleaner Set

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This is made for dirty work. Made from natural plant acids which effectively and safely clean toilet bowls, porcelain fixtures and ceramic tile. Lime, rust stains, calcium build up is not a problem. Can be used regularly and won’t do any damage to your plumbing. Removes any odors and kills bacteria.
  • Aroma of sea freshness
  • Suitable for daily use
  • Has an antibacterial effect

What's included

2 x 50ml WC concentrate capsule
1 x reusable WC bottle

How to use

1. Pour 450ml of warm water into the bottle.
2. Add one capsule of concentrate into the bottle.
3. Shake it and it's ready to use!
Save and reuse the bottle for the next refills.


Saying goodbye to single-use plastic bottles filled with 90% water we can save a lot of CO2 that is produced when shipping heavy bottles of cleaning products. More than that, together with Ecologi we plant a tree with every order. 🌿

Make the sustainable switch for a clean home and a cleaner planet! 🌍