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Interior Perfume Refill Capsules

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Imagine being in the Amazon Rainforest. You are walking around and see a mango tree. You take one and take in a big sniff of it. Can you imagine smell? Now imagine having that smell at your disposal as an air freshener, that doesn’t leave any residue on furniture, fabric or wallpaper. Now stop imagining because it’s right here – Aroma.
  • Scent of fresh ripe mango
  • Eliminates unpleasant odours
  • Does not leave stains

What's included

Depending on your choice, you'll receive 2, 4 or 10 concentrate capsules of Aroma interior parfum

Each capsule of 50 ml can be diluted with 450ml water.

How to use

1. Pour 450ml of warm water into the bottle.
2. Add one capsule of concentrate.
3. Shake it and it's ready to use!

We recommend using the Dutybox AROMA bottle


Saying goodbye to single-use plastic bottles filled with 90% water we can save a lot of CO2 that is produced when shipping heavy bottles of cleaning products. More than that, together with Ecologi we plant a tree with every order. 🌿

Make the sustainable switch for a clean home and a cleaner planet! 🌍